Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Glass Half Full... Of What?

Okay, okay, Okaaaaay. I'm feeling a little better today. I ate two and half cupcakes, a quarter pounder and a small order of fries and I practiced smiling in the bathroom mirror for half an hour and got over my self imposed preschool blues pity party.

I know I said when I first started this blog that I wasn't going to ramble on about my kid, but I'm going to ramble on about my kid.  If you don't like it, well, respectfully, you can leave.

In the spirit of new-agey positive crap, I am going to make a list of five reasons why I know sending N. to preschool is a good idea.  The following list is not in any particular order:

1. She needs "real" friends.  As my friend Tami has said, "Dora, Tico and Isa the Iguana are not real people."

2. Not everyone will treat you the way your mommy and daddy do.  Expecting everyone in the world to discipline, care and teach her the way her parents do will create a pathology in my daughter that will leave her eternally disappointed in others.  Putting her in preschool now will teach her not to expect other authority figures to give her a hug after they've yelled at her for being an idiot.  (But, then again, maybe she won't have to expect the hug because I will have killed them for calling my daughter an idiot.)

3. Speaking of authority figures... anybody ever notice that sometimes people who are in charge really, really suck at being in charge?  I think school, not necessarily preschool, is a great place for kids to learn that just because someone is in charge, doesn't mean that they deserve it. 

4. My daughter is a gentle and compassionate child.  Regardless of what the Dalai Lama says, these qualities have to be turned off, sometimes.  (Think about it, if the D.L. believed in kicking ass every now and then, all those hippies wouldn't be sporting the "Free Tibet" bumper stickers.)  On Monday, her first day of school, this little boy decided that he was in love with her and kept trying to kiss her.  I have now taught her that if he does it again, she is to whack him as hard as she can.  I feel completely good about giving her this advice and cannot think of any other circumstance in which I would have had this lovely opportunity to encourage her to assert herself violently.

5.  I get to eat McDonald's and cupcakes to make myself feel better. 

Alright, I have to go watch ParentWatch and then cry myself to sleep until it's time to pick her up.  



Blogger Avitable said...

McDonald's seems like a good answer to most things.

Shouldn't you also be enjoying having some free time?

Thursday, 21 August, 2008  
Anonymous Faiqa said...

i can't write "free time for myself" otherwise i will fall over and die from the guilt.

Thursday, 21 August, 2008  
Blogger Avitable said...

Put the webcam away and relax! Enjoy the peace and quiet. It also gives you more time for your business!

Thursday, 21 August, 2008  
Blogger Tariq said...

I have a sixth one...listening to 'Deewaangi Deewangi' on full blast without having to worry about N singing the 'Om SHanti Om' part....hehehehe. And speaking of songs, why isn't Britney Spears' Break the Ice listed as your favorite songs on the blog? You're listening to it all the time. :)

Thursday, 21 August, 2008  
Blogger Komal said...

lol # 4 was my favorite. When did McDonalds add cupcakes to their menu? I'd tell you to relax but 1) I'm not a parent 2) I think your concern and worry for nuha's development in school is beyond appropriate. I know I told you several times to deprive your child of nutritious vegetables but you know its only because I personally wish she could stay this way just a little longer so I won’t have to play the part of an unfamiliar khala when shes older. But I’ll be coming around soon. (Although I’ll pissed if I find out you’ve been feeding her that herbalife stuff – that’s right shamyal and I remember -snickers bar or not that “chocolate” protein milkshake tasted awful. However I also remember you and tariq bhi were awesome and kind enough to keep pop tarts and honey comb around. So don’t think I’m not grateful :P) Next time I see you and Nuha is off being independent and doing big kid things I’ll bring some Chunky Monkey and we can pretend each spoon of Ben and Jerry’s and each cupcake will turn back time. Although I’m pretty sure the only thing that will change is our waistlines so we’ll be better off with something light- like nasty protein shakes…lol.

Thursday, 21 August, 2008  
Anonymous Faiqa said...

avitable- i''ve ltd webcam usage to 15m every two hours. how *much* did tariq pay you to say i would have more time to work on my business?

tariq- i fee sorry for you and how you are ashamed of being a britney spears fan. be yourself. i love you even if you do have crappy taste in music.

komal- knew you'd like #4. wow, i can't believe your taste buds *still* remember those protein bars. we still have plenty of them if you want. the cupcakes were left over from n.'s birthday which was on wednesday.

Friday, 22 August, 2008  
Blogger Avitable said...

Well, I just know, as a business owner, how I'd suggest that someone use their time. :) But if Tariq wants to send a check, I'm all for it. I can become a taskmaster!

Friday, 22 August, 2008  
Blogger shabyna said...

OMG Bhaya's pullin a Fahad... both do have cheezy taste in music LOL... n someone likes Nuha LOL... every parents worst nightmare... why hasn't bhaya tackled the lil guy yet? LOL...
n Faiqa apa, Nuha's a lovely child maasha allaah... ure worryin for nothing :) as for that lil guy he's the one who shud be worried... lol

Monday, 25 August, 2008  

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