Friday, July 18, 2008

Running on Empty

Did I mention that Tariq is training for a marathon?  Oh, well, he is.  And, frankly, I'm getting a little jealous of all the attention and admiring looks he's getting in our COI.  I mean, come on, it's running.  Like it's hard.  All you do is put one foot in front of another over and over again for an hour or two.  

With this wonderful frame of mind, I spontaneously decided to start running today.  No plan, just decided.  I googled "running programs," and it turns out if you have never run before, you should walk five minutes at a moderate pace and then run for a minute at a light jog.  After a week, you increase to two minutes and so forth.  Like I said, is that supposed to be hard or something?

It went a little something like this.

1:15p.m. Google search took place

1:20p.m. I geared up for my first running outing since I was about five years old.  Oh, did I mention that it was 1:20p.m.?  In the afternoon? In Florida?  Now, I'm no meteorologist or anything, but I'm pretty sure that the Florida sun is at its hottest at precisely 1:20p.m.

1:21 p.m. Moderate walking
1:25p.m. Break into a run.  Hey, this isn't so hard.  
1:25 and 1/2 p.m. Could it be any hotter out here?!  Thank the Almighty I downloaded Van Morrison on my IPOD last night or I would have to do this and listen to "Pocket Full of Sunshine."  
1:26p.m. I'm still alive and it is truly only by the grace of the Almighty.  Resume walking at moderate pace.

Oh, did I mention that I am pushing N. in one of those running strollers while I'm doing this?  I made sure to supply her with a Ziploc full of Teddy Grahams and a juice box so as to minimize any complaints of being hungry and thirsty.  The juice box and Teddy Grahams lasted about five minutes and now she's decided that she's training the Pakistani cricket team for their next match in India and she's yelling, "Faster, Mama, Faster!!"

1:50p.m.  I almost passed out three times before the end of the walk/run, but it's over.  I'm pretty sure that I saw my neighbor's lawn guy whip out his cell phone to call 9-1-1.

"Hello, 911?"

"Yes, sir, what is your emergency?"

"Umm, there's this Indian lady lying passed out on the lawn that I mow on Fridays."

"O.K., sir.  Is she Indian or Pakistani?"

"Umm, I'm not sure.  Is that important?"
"Well, a lot of people think it is.  Never mind, what was she doing before she passed out?"


"Running?  Is she crazy?  It's 150,000 degrees outside.  What an idiot."

"Umm, 911?  Her daughter keeps yelling, 'faster, mama, faster.' What should I do?"

"Do you have a juice box and Teddy Grahams handy?"

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Blogger Avitable said...

Heh. I pass out walking to the mailbox in the afternoon.

Saturday, 19 July, 2008  
Anonymous Romeen said...

Your most hilarious blog to date! I love it!!

Saturday, 19 July, 2008  
Blogger Madame Bling said...

romeen=> i'm glad you thought it was funny. maybe you could join me next time. :) i won't hold my breath.

Saturday, 19 July, 2008  
Blogger Jamie said...

FAIQA!! That was so funny I was laughing out loud and could see you passed out on the lawn!! LOVE IT!!

Sunday, 20 July, 2008  
Blogger Komal said...

buhahhahahahaha! Oh god this story reminds me of off season in 7th grade (athletics)- Sometimes I would steal shamyal's inhaler just so my coaches would think I was asthmatic. It takes major guts to walk/run or whatever you did- you seriously rock.

Monday, 21 July, 2008  
Anonymous Faiqa said...

i'm glad you guys thought the story was funny. at least something besides being completely sore the next day came from it. i did it the next day, too. all i can say is let me amend the statement that the sun is hottest in florida at 1:20p.m. I went at 11:30a.m. yesterday. It's definitely hottest at 11:30p.m.

Monday, 21 July, 2008  
Blogger Avitable said...

Our AC broke and won't be fixed until Tuesday or Wednesday, so I think the hottest time of the day is from about 7 AM until 11 PM.

Monday, 21 July, 2008  
Blogger Tami said...

You crack me up, Madame Bling! Seriously, you are the funniest person I know:)

Monday, 21 July, 2008  
Anonymous Faiqa said...

oh damn. i just realized that the Madame Bling thing shows up on this blog, too. tami, thank you for trying to maintain my secret identity. :)

Thursday, 24 July, 2008  

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