Monday, July 7, 2008

A piece of shameless self promotion

You probably already know that we’ve been developing a new Internet business.  And guess what?  We’re live!!  Go check it out at

Our site caters to a market of people who are really interested in using the latest cell phones, ultra mobile personal computers, media players and other personal electronic gadgets, but are too smart to pay retail for an item that’s going to go from cutting edge to “been there done that” in a couple of months.  Our solution?  Don’t buy the latest, when you can borrow it.

We’re lending out “luxury electronics” to our customers, like the Nokia N95, HTC TyTN II, Apple iPhone, and a lot more.  If a person wants to trade up cell phones every few months, this site will prove extremely cost effective, but the real aim is to get these gadgets into the hands of people who will really love and cherish them.  Until, that is, they find a gadget that they love more.  Then, they can swap out at anytime.  It’s like a Hollywood marriage without the messy public divorce and grotesque alimony payments.

A monthly membership fee of $4.95 per month entitles a customer to borrow any of the gadgets or cell phones listed on our site for a monthly borrowing price.  And, we want to let you know, this ain’t your grandmother’s cell phone.  (Unless your grandmother is a high powered executive who owns a Fortune 500 company and is walking around with a thousand dollar cell phone.  In which case, go grandma!!).     

In addition to the bling factor of the actual gadget, our site is going to offer a greater degree of flexibility to existing cell phone users.  Basically, customers will avoid having to sign multiple year contracts to get high end cell phones at a discounted rate from cellular providers.  We don’t just offer cell phones, though.  We’ve got hard to find accessories, PDAs, and even GPS.

We’ve also initiated a recycling program for cell phones.  It turns out cell phones have all kinds of nasty metals and parts that can cause all kinds of destruction if they’re left to decompose in a landfill.  Click on the green “Reincarnation Rocks” link on the left hand side of the website.

O.K., enough talk.  If all this doesn’t sound like your thing, that’s cool.  But, could you, would you, please, forward this message along to as many people as you possibly can?  New businesses, as you know, thrive on word of mouth and positive referrals!

Again, the link is :


All the Best,

Tariq Hasan & Faiqa Khan


Blogger Avitable said...


Saw that you had a blog thanks to the CrazyToe post on Facebook and had to hunt it down. Very nice!


Thursday, 10 July, 2008  

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