Thursday, October 9, 2008

For God's Sake, Someone Call Child Services

I just don't know what bothers me more about this video. The crazy desi parents yelling at their kid or the rabidly liberal two year old.

My mom has repeatedly bragged to me that when I was two years old, I walked up to a random person at the grocery store and asked, "Do you know who Idi Amin is? Faiqa does."

I'm thinking that a dining table scene similar to the above YouTube clip occurred in my home prior to the Idi Amin incident.

I don't know which is more tragic: that my mom is proud of that or that I actually have an "Idi Amin incident" in my life.

And thanks to Hadji is Dead for bringing up this painful flashback from my childhood.

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Blogger Crys said...

oh yes. the early brainwashing of a child for the 2008 election. it's what's for dinner!

can't kids just watch PBS and be done with it? why would we want to visit our hapless political offerings on the life of a two year old? nice.

but you? the Idi Amin thing? that's gold right there, and far cooler than when my two year old asked the nice African American lady in front of us at the Safeway whether she was a "made of chocolate".

Friday, 10 October, 2008  
Blogger Avitable said...

That's outstanding! Heh.

Friday, 10 October, 2008  
Blogger sybil law said...

Awwwww. How cute!
That makes my stomach turn.
I hate people!

Friday, 10 October, 2008  
Anonymous Zia said...

Check it out if you have time.

Friday, 10 October, 2008  
Anonymous nancy said...

my childhood was all about watergate. i used to say, "watergate, watergate, watergate! that's all they talk about on television!" not as horrible as idi amin, though. :(

Sunday, 12 October, 2008  
Blogger Faiqa said...

Made of chocolate?! That is so cute. I would be so pleased if she had asked *me* that.

I hate people, too.

Sunday, 12 October, 2008  
Blogger Slyde said...

i just read nancy's comment and laughed..

with me it was all about watergate too... i remember going up to some grownups saying "nixon is a jailbird" just cause i had heard it somewhere, and my dad yelled at me. i had no idea what it even meant...

Monday, 13 October, 2008  
Blogger Faiqa said...

Hmm. I would have agreed with your dad. If I had been born, yet. Hee hee.

Monday, 13 October, 2008  

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